Why The Tooth Fairy Is Very Fun and Important

Why The Tooth Fairy Is Very Fun And Important

date: 07.19.2024


Dr. Elizabeth "Andie" Shin, DDS - BCC Pediatric Dentistry

Elizabeth Shin, D.D.S

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Why The Tooth Fairy Is Very Fun And Important

The tooth fairy is a fun and important figure for children. She represents a key stage in a child’s journey into the world of oral health and hygiene. By leaving a small gift (usually money) under a child’s pillow after they lose a tooth, the tooth fairy encourages children to take care of their teeth and to look forward to future dental visits.

What Is The Tooth Fairy And What Does She Do?

The tooth fairy is a mythical creature who is said to leave gifts under children’s pillows in exchange for their lost teeth. It is believed that she originated from Europe, where she was known as la petite souris (the little mouse). The tradition of the tooth fairy is thought to have started in the early 19th century, and it has since become a widely accepted part of childhood folklore in many countries around the world.

The Tooth Fairy performs some very fun and useful functions, such as:

  • Collecting baby teeth from under a child’s pillow
  • Leaving children small gifts in exchange for lost teeth
  • Helping children to think about their teeth
  • Providing parents with an opportunity to talk with their children about healthy teeth and oral hygiene.
  • Supplying a very fun topic for parents to discuss with their children as they anticipate the Tooth Fairy’s visit.
  • Reminding parents to book an appointment with their child’s pediatric dentist for a checkup
  • Giving children an exciting story to tell Dr. “Andie” Shin, their favorite Bethesda pediatric dentist

The tooth fairy is also said to bring good luck to children! What’s more, she is also said to bring happiness and joy into children’s lives, and the lives of the children’s parents as well.

Why Is The Tooth Fairy Important For Children?

The tooth fairy is important for children because she helps them learn about oral health and hygiene. By leaving a small gift under a child’s pillow after they lose a tooth, the tooth fairy encourages children to focus on their teeth. This is a great opportunity / teachable moment for parents to discuss oral health and hygiene with their children and help them look forward to their dental next visit. Most importantly, the Tooth Fairy and the various traditions that parents create surrounding her visits are super fun for everyone.

Does The Tooth Fairly Leave Gifts Other Than Money?

The tooth fairy leaves a variety of things under the pillow, depending on what she decides to give the child. Most commonly, she leaves money, but she has also been known to leave small safe presents, including new toothbrushes, dental floss, children’s books about the tooth fairy and visiting the pediatric dentist, and other fun stuff like that. Fortunately, the Tooth Fairy is very creative and always comes up with excellent gift ideas that she knows each child will love.

Can The Tooth Fairy Get Children Excited About Visiting The Pediatric Dentist?

A visit from the Tooth Fairy is an excellent opportunity to get your child excited about visiting the dentist! You can explain to your child that their pediatric dentist, Dr. “Andie” Shin, loves the Tooth Fairy! You can tell them that the only thing that Dr. Andie loves more than the Tooth Fairy is listening to children tell her stories about what happened when they were visited by the Tooth Fairy.

Why The Tooth Fairy Is Very Fun and Important

They may also want to know that sometimes Dr. Andie will even tell them stories about when the Tooth Fairy visited her, and that’s a very fun story! Remember, fun is the secret ingredient to your child’s lifelong oral health, and many priceless memories that you’ll forever share with them.

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